Monday, 18 May 2015

Cyfaredd 9: Wildflowers for Jo

Haia Pawb (Hi Everyone)

Jo and I have a standing joke about my photography. Ever since our Europe trip in 2007, I tend to take photos of clouds, trees, megalithic tombs and stones, iron age ruins, birds and landscapes. After my several trips to Ireland and Britain since 2007, she has always asked, with a cheeky smile, 'What, no houses or flowers?' So, this trip I've been taking photos I'm hope she will like.

Given that I have been in Britain for Spring, this particular blog post will showcase some of the wildflowers I have encountered during my recent walks. Most of them come from a trip to Thor's Cave with my good friend Grevel Lindop (more about this in another post). So, here's a short photo essay of wildflowers for Jo:

Native bluebells, plus white and pink variants
(in Grevel's front garden)
Wood Anemone
Early Purple Orchid
Wild Strawberry
Jack-by-the-Hedge (Garlic Mustard) 
White Dead Nettle
Butter Burr (its leaves were used to wrap butter)
Red Campion
I love the common names: Mouse-ear and Jack-in-the Hedge, the first because it looks like its name and the second because it is commonly found growing along the margins of hedges.

By the way, if anyone can identify the two 'unknowns', please let me know.

That's it for now.

Pob hwyl


Nadine Cresswell-Myatt said...

You've done Jo proud as these are gorgeous photos. How magic that what we struggle to grow in our Australian gardens grows wild in England. It is something I would love to see for myself. On a nice nature walk rather than through climbing mountains of course!

Earl Livings said...

Hi Nadine, Thanks for the comment. I hope Jo likes the photos. They were taken during a gentle walk to a little-known site, which involved a bit of a climb at to get there after the walk. Maybe you'll get a chance to come over here and see the 'magic' for yourself.