Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Gwaith 22: Adventures in Washington

Haia Pawb

A little over a week ago I landed in Seattle to visit my two sons who live in the wonderful evergreen state of Washington. After being dropped off at one son’s place in Bremerton and having a chat with his landlord, I went for a walk to Gorst Creek, a local waterway that fills with salmon during spawning season. Sadly, the salmon run is usually between late September and November, so I wasn’t able to see any. Still, the water and trees were a welcome place of nature-quiet after my long trip from Birmingham to Dubai and Dubai to Seattle, which took over 30 hours door to door.

Douglas fir and clouds
Gorst Creek, looking downstream
Looking upstream
Foliage and moss that reminds me of Wales
Part of the salmon run viewing area at Gorst Creek
I’m glad I pushed myself to go on the walk, because that night it snowed and the following two days it rained steadily. Then it snowed again, heavier than the first time, between four to five inches. For most of last week I was housebound, though my son did take me to see my other son a couple of times and on Thursday we had a great day having lunch at the Airport Diner in Bremerton (great fish ‘n’ chips), exploring the Theler Wetlands Nature Preserve in Belfair and playing pool in a local bar (one win each). We then returned home to watch episodes of from the three seasons of Black Mirror and season 20 of South Park, which we’ve been doing most nights. Both shows are frightening, but in different ways. Black Mirror is a great series that looks at the ramifications of technology, especially social media, on the emotional lives of its characters. And season 20 of South Park satirises the 2016 presidential campaign and is scarily prophetic.

Snow the day after my arrival
Light dusting of snow on cedar trees
Heavier snowfall a few days later
Snow-crusted branches and leaves
Snow and cherry tree
I will be in Washington for a few more days before heading home, which will take another 30+ hours of flight and layover. For those of you wondering why I seem to be going through Dubai when more direct flights would be easier, that’s just the way it is when you fly Emirates. There were other options, but this one was the cheapest when I booked early last year.

Anyway, I’ll soon be home, to rest, to catch up with Jo, family and friends, to process all that I experienced in Britain in relation to my book. I also will be on a tight schedule to finish the third draft and then polish it up, with the help of some beta readers, in time for the Australian Society of Authors’ Literary Speed Dating event in June. Wish me luck.

I hope you enjoyed this post. As always, I welcome your comments.

Cofion Cynnes

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